Asian Women and White Men   



Why Filipino Women Like White Men


There are several reasons why Filipino women are attracted white men. Perhaps they find them rather appealing. They say that opposite attracts and in this situation, this may prove to be true. Filipino women have brown skin color, dark eyes, black hair and petite figure. White men on the other hand are tall, have fair complexion, blue or green eyes and blond or auburn hair. When a Filipino woman and a white man get married, they produce a good looking child. The most beautiful people in the Philippines are often a mixture of white and Filipino races.  



For some reasons, Filipino women like white women because they want to migrate to other countries. This is their ticket in order to escape the poverty in their country. Some even marry white men just to get a green card or find greener pastures somewhere. I guess this is the reason why other foreigners look at Filipino women in a different way because of these incidents. These Filipino women even marry white men who are very old. And you cannot remove this social stigma in the society because discrimination does exist anywhere.  


But there are also Filipino women who like white women because of true love. For them, they do not care about what other people think but they feel like they have found the remaining puzzle in the other. Regardless of the culture and language barriers, true love still tries to bind these two. This is actually a brave thing to do because it is not easy to get along with a person who has a totally different background from yours but when it is really true love then all these won't matter. These Filipino women and white men can live happily. 


No matter what the reason is, I personally think that every person has the right to choose who they want to be with. As long as they know what they are doing then there I noting wrong with all that. It is quite common to see a lot of Filipino women marrying white men. Some end up happily while some do not. But I guess it is not only the Filipino women and the white women who have similar situations like this one. Women and men from other countries may encounter the same thing. All we have to do is respect these individuals and their lives because they deserve to be happy.