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Why Filipino Wives Make Better Wives Than American Wives


A lot of men say that Filipino women make good wives. Not only are they beautiful but they also have a good heart that not all women are blessed with. There have also been several arguments that Filipino women make better wives than American women and I agree to that. These two types of women are beautiful in their own ways but for me there are certain characteristics that make Filipino women more of like a wife material as compared to American women. They have unique attributes which make them special.  

First of all I can say that Filipino women make better wives than American women because they are more hands on. What I mean by this is that they are raised by their parents to become domesticated so they are perfect for household chores and taking care of the family. Although there are also some Filipino women who are working yet they still put their family as their top priority whereas American women are more driven and aggressive when it comes to their career so it is not common that you see domesticated American women since they are ambitious and they have a different outlook in life. 


The family values that Filipino women uphold are among one of the special attributes that make them a better wife material than American women. American people in general are not known for their family values. They are more of like the independent type. For instance, once the child reaches 18 years old, he can already move out of the house and do his own thing. Also, the elderly are not given that much importance in the American society because they are often placed in the nursing homes. Unlike in the Philippines wherein even the children are old already still they stay with their parents and sometimes the family is also extended which includes the grandparents and other relatives. This simply proves that the family bond of Filipino people is truly exceptional. 


It seems that Filipino women are born to become good wives. And they are definitely better than American women. The way they are brought up and raised play a big role into why they are considered ideal wives. There is no wonder why a lot of foreign men even American men are after the Filipino women. They are just simply what men are looking for in their lives. Once you get married with a Filipino woman then you would experience the tender loving care that a Filipino woman is known for.